She’s an Established Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur, scientist and engineer, she enjoys working at the interface of business, technology and biology to deliver improved therapies to patients.


She’s a Passionate Philanthropist

Ms. Hayles is the founder and CEO of Black Moms Connection, a global online village and incorporated non-profit providing culturally relevant tools and resources to empower and educate Black mothers.


She’s a Corporate Leader

Julia Taylor’s career spans many years at non-profits, where she has been a role-model, a change-agent and a trailblazer.


Featured Resources

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Saint John, we’re celebrating women near you

Their stories inspire us, their work changes us, and their journey started just around the corner. Meet the empowered, successful women in your own backyard and join us in celebrating women near you, wherever you are.   Meet Victoria Clarke, Trailblazers &...