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Meet Honor: Head of Wealth Management U.S. for a day

Throughout September and early October, several members of BMO's leadership team took part in a takeover day – part of Plan International Canada's International Day of the Girl activities – to amplify girls' voices, advocate for their rights, elevate their position in society and reinforce their capability as decision-makers.

Seven of our senior executives – Darryl White, Cam Fowler, Joanna Rotenberg, Patrick Cronin, Christine Cooper, Nadim Hirji and Darrel Hackett stepped down from their positions to allow a girl ambassador from Plan International to take on their role for the day.

From the girls' perspective

What was it like? How did it go? We're turning it over to the seven girls who took over a leadership role for the day and get to know more about them. Hear from Honor below.

Get to know Honor

Program/area of study: I am a senior in high school and am still figuring out my future learning path, but am looking to explore communications, business and personal finance/economics in college.

Passions/interest outside of school: I enjoy dedicating my time to doing community service with local non-profits as well as playing ice hockey and lacrosse. I'm also a huge music fan. I'm always listening to music!

Took over for: Darrel Hackett, Head of Wealth Management U.S., BMO Financial Group, October 2, 2018

What you were most looking forward to in your role? Going into this takeover day, I was most looking forward to being able to have a platform of discussion for gender equality in the workplace while also learning about Wealth Management at BMO at the same time.

What surprised you the most about the day? I was most surprised by how open everyone at BMO was surrounding the discussion of gender equality in the workplace. Anyone and everyone was willing to have a discussion about how they, as a man or woman, perceived gender inequalities from their experiences in various workplaces.

Advice you have for other girls from this experience: To any girl in the future who is given a takeover opportunity, my advice would be to live in the moment, soak everything in and ask questions! Oh and of course have fun along the way!