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Invest With Impact. Invest in Women

“BMO is proud to take a lead on impact investing in Canada – especially in support of a cause such as the advancement of women, which is such a big priority for our bank,” said Joanna Rotenberg, Head of Personal Wealth Management, BMO Financial Group. “An increasing number of investors are seeking both financial and social returns from their investments. By providing them with the opportunity to invest in organizations with a higher representation of women, we are giving those investors the ability to promote change by rewarding gender-diverse companies”

Women are under-represented on corporate boards and in senior leadership roles. As an investor, you have the potential to address this social challenge. BMO Women in Leadership Fund, the first impact investing mutual fund in Canada, invests in North American companies that have a female CEO, or board of directors with at least 25 per cent female representation, referencing the Barclays Women in Leadership North America Index.

“This is a unique offering designed to provide investors with both financial and social value,” says Kevin Gopaul, Head of BMO Global Asset Management Canada. “Research has shown that diverse leadership in companies translates into better results. Companies with gender-diverse boards tend to outperform those with no women on their boards and indices of companies with mixed-gender boards have outperformed benchmark indices.”

Growing research shows that companies with a higher representation of women in executive leadership deliver:

By investing in companies with higher representation of women you not only actively participate in driving social change by rewarding these gender-diverse companies, but also participate in their success.

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